Company & Personal Tax Returns

No matter whom you ask or what they are for, tax returns are vitally important and should always be submitted on time while being presented professionally and legibly. While doing so should always be made a top priority, it may not always be possible due to time constraints or a general lack of understanding. This is where Hills Business Solutions aims to help you!
What are Company and Personal Tax Returns?

This is a document that needs to be filed with your local tax authority. This document provides information regarding income, expenses, and a variety of other related details.
Tax returns provide taxpayers, either an individual or an entire company, with the ability to calculate their tax liability, be able to schedule their tax payments, as well as request refunds in instances where their taxes have been overpaid. Depending on the country that you live in, or that your company operates in, you may be required to file your tax returns once a year without fail.

How Can We Help You?

By turning to Hills Business Solutions, you no longer have to worry about attending to your tax returns as you can instead place that burden on us in order to place your focus on the job at hand. With us, you can enjoy absolute peace of mind knowing that your personal tax returns, as well as your company, will be handled with complete accuracy and without any costly mistakes, keeping you in SARS’ good books indefinitely.
We aim to complete your tax returns promptly without skipping even the tiniest detail, ensuring that everything is submitted correctly and thus allowing you to make the most out of each upcoming tax return season.
The Process of Company and Personal Tax Returns
There is no doubt that filing personal, or company tax returns can both become quite a tricky endeavour, which is why Hills Business Solution offers to take on that task on your behalf. To do so, the following steps are taken to ensure the best possible results:

Take note of your income
When filing your tax return, it is helpful to keep track of all the money you attain throughout the year, whether it be from your main job, a side hustle, or simply through things that you sell or have gained through investments.

Keep the right documents with you throughout the year
Any and all tax-related documents should be kept aside all year round, as this not only makes your job easier at the end of the year but also enables you to get more money back too. This includes work-related receipts, charitable donations, medical bills, etc.

Wait for income documents to arrive
Your income documents may vary depending on how you attained that income, whether it be from full-time employment, freelance, interest earned through investments, student loans and so on.

Figure out the credits and deductions you can participate in
Depending on how you have earned your money, you can enjoy deductions through saver’s credit, freelance expenses, charitable deductions, student loan interest and far more.

Decide how to file your tax return
This is also entirely dependent on how you have earned your income throughout the year. While this may be difficult to make heads or tails of when filing such documents on your own, this is a worry that can be handed off to Hills Business Solutions for quick and easy filing to SARS.

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