Alan Welsford

Technical Consultant


Alan is a qualified electrical engineer, that has had 30 years experience running a large computer network (approx. 70 computers) including five servers and remote access to the servers. He was responsible for all the anti-virus systems, backup systems, software installations, and security. He was also responsible for maintaining software and hardware on the network. He wrote specific production software using visual studio. The production software has been operational for 25 years and controls every aspect of a medium size manufacturing company.
Since then he has designed a variety of different software for different packages for small manufacturing companies, and assists Hills Business Solutions with all required internal databases for analytical review, as well as ensuring our computers are backed up, have the necessary anti-virus’s in place, update the necessary versions applicable, and generally assist us in any networking issues, or printer problems. As we are accounting trained, we are clueless when it comes to IT.


Electrical Engineering T4
B-Tech Degree