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In every business, there will always be information that needs to remain private, relating to sensitive details regarding the business, whether it be about their services or products, as well as their clients. With the help of a professionally written POPIA Manual that is legible and clear, all such information can remain private. Such documents may be difficult to write up correctly and with all relevant information, but not when you turn to Hills Business Solutions for the job!
What are POPIA Manuals?

For those who are not aware, POPIA refers to The Protection of Personal Information Act, which is meant to promote your right to privacy within the constitution. This is while simultaneously protecting the flow of information within your company as well as advancing the right of access to and protection of the information.

This act was initiated as a form of encouragement to South African organisations and individuals alike, to help practice responsibility when information is being collected, processed, stored, and shared. Such manuals can also hold an entity accountable in the case where personal data and information are being abused or compromised in some way or another.

How can we help you?

At Hills Business Solutions, we recognise just how important POPIA Manuals can be in the legal world. One of the services that we offer would be helping your business write up POPIA Manuals that are perfectly suited to your business and the services/products that you provide.
However, while we write this up for your business, we also help to ensure that your business remains compliant with the POPIA Act itself. This involves appointing an information officer that is responsible for POPIA compliance, figuring out the collection and use of all personal information on a lawful basis, having a written contract with the data operator, and so on.

Why exactly are POPIA Manuals so important?
Completing your business’s POPIA Manual is a legal requirement within South Africa, as it is a new legislation that gives effect to the people’s Constitutional Right of Privacy, combatting the ever-increasing problem of identity theft. In turn, the manner in which organisations acquire and use the personal information of natural and juristic individuals will be impacted in a major way.

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