Who We Are

Hills Business Solutions delivers traditional accounting services combined with strategic commercial thinking. Handling all your financial management demands, including business structures to manage costs and taxes, to optimize your income potential. Our services give you the freedom and means to develop your business to great heights

With 25 years behind us as registered business accountants and tax professionals we have the expertise to satisfy the accounting requirements and to position your business strategically within your market. We focus on business strategy, when working with your company’s financials. Not only that, but we also provide online instruction consultations of our innovative tax and business strategy solutions.

We are an accounting and tax firm. We do everything from, bookkeeping, SARS compliance (which includes all SARS returns), financial statements, legal secretarial duties (share certificates, share register, changes on CIPC, annual return on CIPC) to management accounts, tax structuring, everything accounting and tax related.

As we are business accountants, we don’t just look at the financials, management accounts, tax structuring, (like other accounting firms) we look at the business as a whole. This means we look at performance. Performance in sales, performance in the work place, performance in risk assessment, and closing those holes etc.

We utilize our knowledge in the EVA principle – “Measuring your economic growth within your market, using your financials / management accounts), as well as a strong strategy method. Strategy, a lot of directors do not know how important this is. The ultimate goal with strategy, is positioning yourself within a market, with an aim of entering, and grabbing a piece of the market.

Take a market as a circle. We assist you in putting you in this circle (by means of marketing, knowing your competitors, knowing substitute products etc.) and we help you with placing you in that market.

With our aim of increasing how much of the market you own. We do these in steps, setting your vision, setting goals and objectives, implementation of your strategy, and evaluating that strategy financially with the EVA principle in mind. Our unique selling point is getting the client to understand, that there is a lot more than just financials if they want to grow.

We keep them on course (another one of our motto’s is – “we provide advice when your business needs it, not when you ask for it”). As we are managing your “business” with strategic thinking and the EVA principle in financial terms. This is our added service, and our main pitch. A lot of the times, the client can’t in the beginning afford the costs, but they have that pitch in the back of their minds. So, when they can start seeing our ‘’first 3 months of doing this for free’’ They then realize they actually need this, apart from what ordinary accounting firms offer.

Hills Business Solutions Expertise

Deftly, we clear the financial minefield to add value to your business. 

Our Values

Trusted Service, Impeccable Results

Integrity – in dealing with our clients with transparency, respect and strong ethics

Knowledge – our quest to remain at the forefront. We are constantly updating our knowledge to maintain the latest financial management, tax and compliance laws. We empower our team to provide the best advice on all levels.  

Service – Employing and nurturing our team with a passion, to provide the highest-level quality service to our clients.  A team you can count on.

Confidentiality – of our clients’ financial affairs is fundamental to our business code of conduct and ethics, required by our controlling bodies. 

Our History


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