The Care Your Accounting Needs

The Care your Accounting needs 

Welcome to Hills Business Solutions

Brilliant minds combined, to inject fresh thinking into accounting practice.

Hills Business Solutions delivers traditional accounting services combined with strategic commercial thinking. Handling all your financial management demands, including business structures to manage costs and taxes, to optimize your income potential. Our services give you the freedom and means to develop your business to great heights


With 22 years behind us as registered business accountants and tax professionals we have the expertise to satisfy the accounting requirements and to position your business strategically within your market. We focus on business strategy, when working with your company's Financials. Not only that, but we also provide online instruction through our innovative Tax and Business Strategies webinars.



Our Values

Trusted Service, Impeccable Results

Integrity in dealing with our clients with transparency, respect and strong ethics

Knowledge, our quest to remain at the forefront. We are constantly updating our knowledge to maintain the latest financial management, tax and compliance laws. We empower our team to provide the best advice on all levels.  

Service, Employing and nurturing our team with a passion, to provide the highest-level quality service to our clients.  A team you can count on.

Confidentiality, of our clients' financial affairs is fundamental to our business code of conduct and ethics, required by our controlling bodies. 

Hills Business Solutions Mission and Values Cape Town

Our Services

The Accountants You Can Trust

  • Bookkeeping,

  • Payroll

  • Tax compliance which includes VAT, PAYE, IRP5's submissions

  • Provisional Tax Returns,

  • Company and Personal tax returns

  • Tax restructuring to reduce taxes

  • Financial Statements

  • Shareholder's agreements, Registration of companies, issuing of share certificates and maintaining your share register

  • Commercial Law advice and assistance

  • Creating and putting into practise strong business strategy solutions enhancing your income and minimizing risks

  • Tax and Business Strategy Webinars

  • Consultations 

  • Annual CIPC Returns

  • POPIA manuals that are compulsory for every business.

Please review our Plans & Pricing to find a service that meets your requirements.

Hills Business Solutions Our Way Cape Town

CEO - Cathy Hill

With a strong passion of strategic positioning, along with tax structuring, you are dealing with one of a kind. Creative strategic positioning, implementing, and constantly evaluating is the way to move forward. To drive growth and maintaining stability, takes time, commitment and a clear vision. Your clear vision, will drive strategy, which in turn, will also drive tax strategy. We want you to become excited with a new focus of forward planning. 


General Manager - Nicole Hill

Over seeing our company and it's core functions, with the aim in mind of customer satisfaction. Not only providing support for our CEO, but telling you she reigns with an Iron Rod is no joke. 

Alan Employee.jpg

Technical Consultant - Alan Welsford

Never a challenge that can't be fixed with Alan at the reigns. Whether its technology based or ensuring all work done, in-house and our clients, are backed up automatically. There is nothing he can't fix, and not to mention his ability to come up with creative solutions


Group Portfolio Executive - Rodwin Jhonson

How he does it, amazes me. Receiving all our clients books from our group accountant, analysing and preparing reports for our CEO to check for accuracy and feedback. This assists the CEO and her confidence when analysing the business and tax strategy. 

Hannah .jpg

Group Accountant / Tax Admin - Hannah Odeyemi

What a Gem! Handling all tax queries, ensuring our clients remain compliant, and keeps records of everything tax related.  Apart from that, she is instrumental in overseeing our bookkeepers to ensure accuracy. Providing reports to Rodwin, which will include any tax issues that need to be dealt with

Nazley employee.jpg

Group Bookkeeper - Nazley Miller

Nazley can always be counted on, as it is no easy task to get all clients information in time, to be able to manage multiple clients at a time. Never to miss a deadline, she ensures all her clients books are reconciled to Trial Balance