Tax Compliance

Are you struggling with complying with tax laws and their regulations? Then Hills Business Solutions is the right place for you, we can give you all the necessary means to remain as compliant as possible and give your business the ability to pay your taxes in a timely and accurate manner.
What is Tax Compliance?

Tax Compliance is often referred to as a taxpayer’s choice to comply with tax laws and regulations by paying taxes on time and correctly. Taxation is an important role in financing public expenses through income distribution. Tax ensures sustainable funding for the delivery of public services, and production and different tax policies should be implemented. Tax payments assist the government to redistribute wealth among people by suggesting improving public goods and services, appropriate approaches for enhancing tax collection and where tax compliance should be considered. In simple terms, Tax Compliance is defined as being completely compliant with SARS, which involves the submission of all relevant tax returns, and the payments thereof.

How can we help you?

We have a vastly skilled and expert team that can provide the handling and responsibility of ensuring that your business is paying the appropriate amount of taxes which will further contribute positively to all the business’s operations. We ensure that we are constantly updated with the latest methods and approaches to implement the accurate ways of paying the business’s taxes, whilst becoming tax-compliant users in order for your business to become successful and obey tax law regulations.

It is essential as a business owner, to be tax compliant, especially in the eyes of the government, as it is a legal requirement. Once you are completely compliant with SARS, it will include all the submissions of all relevant tax returns, and the payments thereof. Not to mention that we go the extra mile by making compliance easier through doing your business’s tax structuring. Here at Hills Business Solutions, we strive for nothing but success, for your business and its image are the best place to start.

What is Our Tax Compliance Process?

Our Tax Compliance process is dependent on the size of the business and involves complying with the business’s tax obligations. Hills Business Solutions ensures that you, as the client, don’t have to pay a single penny more than what is required due to our vast expertise regarding taxes and allowable deductions. Nevertheless, you can expect the following services from us through our Tax Compliance Process:

  • Register for Turnover Tax
  • Tax Structuring
  • eFiling and Services Registered Online
  • Sign the Business Up for VAT, UIF, PAYE and SDL
  • Finding Reductions within Paid Taxes/Allowable Deductions

With us, you will be able to meet your business’s success and reduce the amount of taxes your business pays. Having accurate tax compliance and paying system can assist your business to become an ultimate success.

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